Mailbox Information

Mailboxes are a key architectural element of a community. Mailboxes can add or lower home values in a community.  Currently, there is a wide variety and condition of mailboxes in our community that has brought attention to some poorly maintained or mismatched mailboxes.   Previously, there was an e-mail campaign where we noticed many of our owners are not signed up on and did not receive the email. 
As you may have noticed, there are some mailboxes in the community that need some position attention. Currently, there are some mailboxes missing numbers or have deteriorating exteriors with broken latches, doors, and/or flags.  To keep our community looking great, the Board had agreed upon a community-wide mailbox replacement program to create a uniform appearance.  Everyone in the community benefits from this simple upgrade.  Maintenance of mailboxes are the homeowner’s responsibility. 
Alternatively, residents can hire a contractor or repair/replace their own mailbox to the community standard below.  All Faircroft residents will have until October 15, 2022, to fully replace or repair their existing mailbox.  Please review the useful information below to see if your mailbox needs any attention.
Please refer to the 2nd page of this letter to learn if your mailbox needs any type of replacement.  Below is a guide of what mailbox type you need, what the issue(s) are and how to get them repaired or replaced.
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Mailbox Type
Mailbox Details
Mailbox Type Dimensions Material Install Description
MB-100 Standard
Rust proof cast aluminum
Cement pad with bolt-mount
Powder coated, Slide flag
8 / Pole height: 61
All cast aluminum
Cement pad with burial fork (included)
Rust proof, Powder coated, Slide flag. Brass numbers available. Paper Box available.
Mailbox companies: Call for current pricing.
Mailbox Joe – 770.317.8657 
Global Home Products - 770.409.8292 
Global Home Construction – 770.451.3777
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact email
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The date to repair or replace your mailbox by is [October 15, 2022].